‘An Evening with the Engaged’- SMART START 2 MARRIAGE

Sikh Women’s Awareness Network (SWAN)


**Note: Please note that this program is strictly for those couples planning to get married soon and those who just got married RECENTLY. We organize ANAND CAMP together with InSPiRE for couples who have been married for more than a year.

Date : 7th Oct 2012 (Sun)
Time : 2pm – 9pm

Fees : RM 40 per couple.SWAN is organizing the SMART START Pre-marriage education program as initiated by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. We seek you support in assisting us to promote this program and encourage engaged couples within the Sikh community to attend this program.The SMART START program helps young couples who are entering into a very important phase of their life whilst can be very fulfilling, it also comes with responsibilities and challenges. The purpose of this program is to prepare them deal with some of these issues, to be realistic and to have a strong foundation for a successful and happy marriage and family.In todays world we can no longer ignore that young adults have different expectations and requirements than the past generation. It is therefore imperative that the community grow with these changes and embrace it by supporting and promoting this program.

The Program entails the following modules;
1. Getting to know you – explores personality types and the male/female perspectives
2. Discovering expectations – establishing common goals and knowing each other’s expectation of the other
3. Conflicts & challenges – identifying real and/or perceived causes of disagreements
4. Good to talk – the all important solution to all problems : COMMUNICATION
5. Building and maintaining intimacy – keeping the flame of love burning
6. Finance & family – brief financial planning and meeting expectations
7. Anand Karaj – the meaning of the anand karaj and the significance of the laavaan

The program will be primarily conducted by HAR SHARAN KAUR, who is a registered counselor with the Ministry, a practicing psychologist and also a member of SWAN. She is also a certified trainer of this program. She will be assisted by other members of the community within their fields of expertise

As stated earlier, we seek you kind support in assisting us identify couples who will soon be getting married or very newly wedded couple who will benefit tremendously from the program. This program was conducted several years ago and was a great success with the participants.

Satgur dyala
Rajinder Kaur


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