Have you ever wondered why some of the elderly Punjabis sometimes call the tabla a jori? Also, if one may notice, some of the elderly gentlemen played the instrument in a very “hard style”, almost as if spanking the instrument.

image courtesy of Discover Sikhism

It turns out, the Jori as an actual instrument (which originated in ancient Punjab) that is a predecessor of the modern Tabla. Theory has it that the Pakhawaj was a common instrument in the medieval courts & darbaars. Over time the instrument was split to half allowing the percussionists to have better control & ease as they played over long hours. While the instrument heads were split, the style of playing remained more akin with “open-hand” and “hard” playing style as the head diameters were still much larger. Over time the heads were shrunk and membranes modified for more ease and variation of sound

Please do check out a brief explanation and demonstration of the Jori by Maestro Gian Singh Namdhari Ji below:
(Video courtesy of InSync Channel Youtube)

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