In our happy and good times, the Gombakland  187 clan spared a thought for the less fortunate. Taking inspiration from our culture of doing “seva”, the Gombakland 187 clan has been collecting contributions from friends and plan to pay a visit to  the 30 children at Ephrata home on the 5th April 2014. The objective of the visit is to assist in replenishing the home’s necessities and also to spend some time with the children and give them a memorable and fun filled environment.




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The Gombakland 187 clan plans to undetake this step as a long term project and assist other homes, irrespective of race and religion, and would like to be of help to the most needy homes. If you would like to contribute to this cause or if you would like to inform us of a needy home, please contact Mr. Ben @ 016-218 6015 or Mr. Kingsley @ 012-259 0710

**On a side note, this is the same very Ben we’ve been giving birthday shoutouts to!! 😉

We salute the Gombakland 187 brothers for this great cause – OH CHAKDEY PHATTE!!

For more details on the Ephrata home, please click here


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