Sometimes it is sad to see talent from abroad being applaud and flaunted whilst the local talents remain neglected. One such talent has brought our nation great pride as a snare drumming champion – our team took the opportunity to interview Kesh aka Kesh Babbar to find out more about his journey to become a champion:-

His Achievements include:
⁃ Open snare solo Gold medallist in Singapore’s Boys Brigade Festival 2012
⁃ Won solo drum battle at St Andrews Night 2012
⁃ Grade D snare solo silver medallist in Kuala Lumpur Highland Gathering 2014
⁃ Won Grade 4 Championships with Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band at Australia National Pipe Band Championships 2014
⁃ Novice category Snare solo silver medallist in Kuala Lumpur Highland Gathering 2015
⁃ Won Grade 3 drumming with Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band at Australia National Pipe Band Championships 2016
⁃ Grade D Snare solo silver medallist in Kuala Lumpur Highland Gathering 2017
⁃ Kuala Lumpur Highland Gathering Champions as a band for 3 consecutive years (2015, 2016 & 2017)

Check out one of his finest performances here before you read the rest of the interview:

Q: So tell us a bit more about yourself, how did you begin your journey?
A. My first exposure to the snare drum was when I saw the Sri Dasmesh band performed in pulapol gurdwara for Police Day in 2003 which fascinated me – it was something different that I saw and heard for the first time. The way the drums were being played and the sound was being produced it really caught my attention. I joined the band in 2004. Learning drumming wasn’t easy so I took that challenge, and at that time if you want to perform you will need to compete with the rest because there were limited snare drums so I practiced really hard to be in the performing team.

My family was somewhat glad I chose this path because we wanted to bring our Sikh youths into the right path rather than going to clubs, the kids will be at band learning music and leadership skills. Also we wanted to be different than the others you know Sikhs with Scottish attire playing Bagpipes and drums.

Q. What makes you different from the others?
A: Apart from learning drumming I picked up Dhol it’s a bit weird because if you play tabla you will pick up dhol as the beats are almost the same but drumming is totally different. I use drumming techniques into playing dhol. Also with the band, the outfit I wear when I’m performing which is very attractive and totally different from others. Plus being one of the Sikhs in Malaysia who can play Scottish music. On a good note people do like to come and take pictures with me 😜

Q: Aspirations of where you hope to go with your undertaking?
A: My dream is to play at World Pipe Band Championships which is held in Scotland every year in the month of August where Pipe Bands all around the world comes in and compete. Doesn’t matter if I play with Grade 1, 2 or 3 at least I have stepped into the ground and experience it by myself.

Q: Anything in the pipe line or any message for your fans or the masses?
A: You can pick up any instruments you like but if you put your heart and soul in it you will definitely go far in your life.

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