PLUS highway staff are obliged to change tyres for you

The following is some useful information shared by a person based on her personal experience
1 800 880 000 !!!

This is good news; didn’t know they are obliged to change tyres for you – thought they only provide emergency service in times of accidents….

ADVICE: Burst Tyre along the NS Highway – What to do?
Yesterday, as I was driving home from Ipoh and somewhere after Simpang Pulai, at about 6pm cruising with my Hilux at 120km/hr at the fast lane.
Suddendly I heard a loud burst as if the rear part of my car was disintegrated.
I looked at the rear mirror and saw thick heavy white smoke at the left side of my car.
Luckily the ABS was working well and I managed to control the car, I turned on the signal light and pull over to the roadside shoulder and also turned on the hazard lights.

I called the Plus Helpline immediately: 1-800-880-000.
The following was the conversation.
Eric : Plus Helpline, saya ingin minta bantuan.
Plus : Ya Encik, apa telah berlaku?
Eric : Tayar saya telah pecah, boleh hantar bantuan tak?
Plus : Di mana Encik sekarang?
Eric :Saya berada di km 284 daripada Ipoh ke Kuala Lumpur dan nombor kereta saya AGW9882
Plus : Ok, Encik tunggu, kami akan hantar bantuan.

The Plus Patrol car arrived 15mins later and fixed up the tyre for me within 10 mins.

The following I would like to share with you in case of an emergency breakdown.

1. Remember to save this number in your handphone and put a written copy in the car whenever travelling at the NS highway. No. 1-800-880-000.

2. Pull over the car to the left road shoulder and walk away from the car immediately to a safe distant away to the left.

3. Call Plus Helpline immediately and relax and wait.
And lastly, never attempt to change the tyre by yourself as it is too dangerous to do so.


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