GB Vegetarian Burger is fast becoming a household name esecially among the Malaysian Punjabi community. By thinking outside the box, they have won over the hearts of both vegetarians and meat lovers alike – such is the quality of their dishes! We took the opportunity interview the founders to find out more about how they began and what they wish to share with the masses:

Q: So tell us more about yourself, how did you guys start GB Vegetarian Burger?
A: GB Vegetarian Burger was Started in Dec 2015 with just one small table at Bercham Lorong 9. With Gurujis blessings Costumer started supporting till slowly we upgraded to a bigger set up in 2016 and by august 31 2016 we set up our first Cafe at Lorong Bercham 2.
In our Cafe we serve various kind of vegetarian Fast foods as we are more focus on Vegetarian Fast Foods.
GB stands for Gurmit Balwant @ God Bless. This business is planned by our parents and succeeded by us.
On 24 May 2017 we launched our first GB Vegetarian Burger Food Truck at Melaka for the Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji Semagam. Our Food Truck is currently on the move based on costumer request. Currently our Food Truck is in Kuala Lumpur area and Selangor area. We will keep moving to South then North so our Dear Costumers can get the reach of our Burgers, Tortilla Wraps, Pita Bread and many more.

Q: So how did you come up with this idea?
A: We started this business because for the non-vegetarian there are many fast foods that can be found and for the Vegetarians there are very limited fast foods. There are some cafe that provide but they close usually at about 9-10pm. We operate our business usually till midnight.

Q: What would you say is the most unique thing about GB Vegetatrian Burger?
A: The difference between us and others are our variety of Fast foods that we serve. Our main sauce is a homemade secret recipe which really enhances the taste of the burgers. This is our biggest difference between us and others. Our fast foods don’t contain Onion, Garlic and Egg. So even the most careful or pickiest vegetarians can enjoy it without any worries.

Q: What are your aspirations for GB Vegetarian Burger in time to come?
A: Our Vision is to expand our business around Malaysia and also oversea with Gurujis blessings. We will open Franchise soon for Cafe and Mainly for our Food Truck. We welcome investors for our Food Truck as Profit Sharing. We will also want to give more opportunities to the youth to join us in future undertakings.

Q : Indeed a wonderful thought and all the best! Any Message for the masses?
A : Thanks for Supporting us till now and we will deliver more Vegetarian Fast foods in time to come. Let’s Eat Sleep Vegetarian Fast Foods. Gurfateh Ji

Do check out the gallery of dishes they have to offer below:



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