What is Oh Chakdey Phatte?

We are a news portal targeting the Punjabi-Sikh community, we would like to be among the first to pool all information at one single location to facilitate information disbursement. To achieve this we have created various sections to cater for the various news, namely

1. News
2. Help
3. Religion

4. Entertainment

We welcome any news / articles / write-ups as long as they are not discriminative or condemning in nature.



Our Objectives are as follows.

1. To pool all resources and information for the Punjabi community at one location
2. To assist in information disbursement by increasing traffic to other Punjabi community blogs / portals and social networks
3. To provide a platform for quick pleas or requests for help & advertising for businesses and events

Hence, if at all you do have a blog or have information to share, please feel free to contact us.

Why the name “Oh Chakdey Phatte!!”??

“Oh Chakdey Phatte!!” is a Punjabi phrase that translates to “bring it on” is perhaps one of the most well known & recognized phrases in the Punjabi language. It is said in auspicious moments to express one’s excitement, most commonly during time of happiness, in times when one has done well and also in times of facing a challenge.

We chose the name “Oh Chakdey Phatte” to share our excitement with all fellow Punjabis on the launch of this news portal and also would like to invite our fellow Punjabis to share their daily news with us


Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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